Storytelling & Education, Not Ads

Brand Affinity

Looma's point-of-decision content delivers authentic stories & education about products and the people behind them

Welcome to the Theater of Grocery

Where no one has time for ads. Our content prioritizes authenticity over slogans and focuses on stories that connect producer and consumer or education that informs a shopping decision

Our best-performing films do two things:

Establish an emotional connection

Communicate a simple, repeatable differentiator

Flying Embers – Brewed with Gratitude


Through Relay, our filmmaker marketplace, brands have access to an international network of creatives rigorously vetted and specifically trained to craft high-impact point-of-decision videos.


Grocery is a unique viewing theatre, and the presence of Loop at the point-of-decision enables us to learn from it. Every film created via Relay and distributed via Loop is analyzed to strengthen future productions.

A few of our favorites