Editorial Resonance
Loop is a network of in-store tablets that play short, human-centric films, driving sales, margin profile, and loyalty for grocers and brands alike

Loop by the Numbers


brand sales growth during a Loop️ campaign; 25% in the month after; and +12% over the ensuing six months


space productivity growth when Loop is installed on an endcap


of customers who purchase a Loop-featured product are trying it for the first time

Human-centric video is an essential tool for grocers and brands seeking to build more authentic and transparent experiences, and retain younger demographics.

Loop️ insights are a function of two properties:


Proximity to Purchase


of Loop️ tablets are installed in promo space, where featured products are within arm’s reach


High Impression Count


shoppers walk through the average grocery store each week

These properties — scale and attribution — provide unprecedented insight into which stories drive sales, and for whom, which in turn fuels our data-driven storytelling platform.

Loop️ is the ultimate category solution for buyers: better in-store experience, bigger baskets, suppliers, and customers love it. And the Looma team makes it entirely turnkey.

Mark Smith

Harris Teeter, Director of Adult Beverage