Looma exists to inspire meaningful work. We celebrate and cultivate joyful labor by sharing stories of people who simply love what they do—not in an over-romanticized, unrealistic manner, but in raw, honest form, acknowledging the grit, and often pain, that’s required to perfect a craft.

At-Shelf Maker Stories: Early Findings

Median lift:

Median lift:

Median lift:
Center Store

Story Variables with the Highest Predictive Power

Human Centricity

Message Simplicity

Music Energy

Vulnerability Quotient

Packaging Frequency

Vision and Core Offerings

Our vision is simple: we want to create the world’s most insightful and actionable storytelling platform.
The core levers of this platform are:

Story Strategy Consulting

World-Class Filmmaker Network

Pre-Campaign Predictive Analytics

Post-Campaign Analysis & Attribution

AI-Driven Story Methodology

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