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Human Centricity

Amplifying Humanity in Purchasing

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Looma exists to connect shoppers to the people and stories behind their products and promote responsible purchasing behaviors

We seek to craft narratives that emphasize the connection of goods to the earth and the people who make them

Person standing in front of Looma Loop display in wine section
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Restoring humanity in grocery

For the past decade, loyalty to traditional grocers has plummeted, with younger generations flocking to alternative markets in search of transparency and sustainability. More than ever, consumers want to know the people and stories behind their products.

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Data-driven storytelling

Video advertising is undergoing a seismic shift in favor of less commercial, more authentic content. While the best film will never be pure science, much of it can be optimized, and this is the work of our team. Our proprietary algorithm Film Score️, along with our broader suite of analytics tools, is enabling us to build the world’s most insightful and actionable platform for human-centric point-of-decision video.