Product Centricity

Backed by proprietary algorithms and a nationwide filmmaker network, Loop films outperform traditional ads by over 100%


Our films are not traditional ads — they tell stories about real people behind products and don’t make an overt sales push. Our nationwide network of filmmakers brings skill and artistry, while our proprietary algorithm Film Score️ scientifically fuels our guided processes.

Our best-performing films do two things:

Establish an emotional connection

Communicate one simple, repeatable differentiator

Gillespie's Peanuts – Some Kind of Good


Our nationwide Filmmaker Network consists of creatives strongly aligned with our artistic philosophy and trained on our data-driven approach. Our proprietary matching system connects brands and filmmakers within our network on the basis of budget, geography, Story Type️ and Film Score️ compatibility.


Grocery is a unique viewing theatre. Since we launched, we have been rigorous about the science of storytelling, tracking a wide array of variables in each of our films in order to map them to sales performance. The result is our proprietary algorithm, Film Score️, which allows us to predict performance on Loop️ and nimbly analyze films across four Story Pillars.

Just about every part of our storytelling process is guided in some way by Film Score️. We use it to match brands and filmmakers on the basis of prior execution of similar content; we guide brands toward a Story Type️ to inform which Story Pillars️ and Critical Variables️ will receive most emphasis in Story Strategy and Production; and during Film Optimization️, we perform Film Score️ analyses on rough cuts to inform revisions and improve performance.

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